Our Contact Lens Philosophy

Part of Dr Eddington's training at Indiana University involved a rotation at their world-renowned Contact Lens Research Clinic, where he was exposed to the latest evaluation techniques used to ensure the safest, healthiest contact lens fit possible. Eddington Eyecare can fit contacts for near sightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism, and even bifocal contact lenses for those suffering from "mature" eyes.

Contact lens station

Contact lenses are the number one cause of ocular emergencies, and the improper use of contact lenses can cause permanent damage to the eyes and vision. A recent study revealed that individuals who wear contacts on a daily basis are four times more likely than a non-contact lens wearer to suffer a vision- threatening eye infection. Those who sleep in their contacts are 20 times more likely! For this reason, Dr Eddington highly discourages the practice of extended wear, or sleeping in contact lenses. In addition, because many ocular diseases don't cause vision problems until late stage, we recommend a routine exam annually.